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About Us

Brand Cell is a strategic research based branding firm. With diverse industry experience ranging from FMCG, Retail, Media, Real Estate, Jewellery, Destinations, Government Bodies, we offer strategic brand platforms / positioning strategy and deliver the platform through diverse communication mediums.

Simplistically put, we build brands.

We firmly believe that once the platform is strong and a brand vision and marketing document is clearly defined, the communication message and the channels are an automatic outcome.

Our approach is process driven and research based.


Brand Cell essentially provides businesses / brands / organizations directions or platforms to connect, communicate with its audience. After the platform is frozen Brand Cell then delivers the platform through diverse communication channels.

The need for strategic communication is required both within organizations and outside to reach consumers at large.

Brand Cell develops & designs communication for both internal and external audience

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Why work with us?

We work with a ???can-do??? attitude. No client is either too big or too small for us. We are passionate about creating connections through brands and that is all that matters. The Cell has professionals with extensive, national and international experience in building and managing big brands but at the same time is lean and flexible to meet the clients??? needs. Our approach is process oriented and strategic and hence designed to connect and deliver brand engagement and success.


For Branding Projects

1) Brand Research ??? (Internal & External)
In this stage we uncover the essence of the business. We ask the CEO, employees and customers about perceptions and discuss the existing mission, vision, core values, etc. No spin, just research.
We also discuss consumer research if conducted to understand market perception of the brand, usage habits, attitudes towards handbags, frequency of purchase, handbags closet analysis etc.

2) Clarifying Strategy
With all the research compiled, we distill it, and begin to think creatively about the business' position in the market place. This stage includes taglines, names, and a brand brief at the end.

3) Brand Identity
With a clear direction and position, the identity is designed (logo, stationery, brochure etc.). This must measure up to the brand brief in every way to stay focused.

4) Creating Touch points
Every touch point with the customer is considered. Major (Advertising, Website, Promotions) and Minor (Loyalty letter, gifting, BTL, Exhibitions, Visual Merchandise) touch points all have to be considered and then "designed".

5) Creating traffic
The impact of touch points have to be measured with tactical promotions to drive traffic and create footfalls

5) Managing Assets
Branding is an ongoing process and never really ends. New touch points need to consider the brand brief, and existing ones need to be maintained and updated.


For Research Projects

We undertake Research Projects, either as part of a Branding assignment or just independent research requirements.

1) 360 Approach
We look at the environment that the prospective consumer operates in and devise research strategy that includes influences of the environment. ??We also rely on secondary data through government bodies, censes, private /public organizations to solidify data if required

2) Research Design
Research strategy gives direction for a Research Design. We employ fresh thinking for every project. We try to talk to consumers in environments that are as close as possible to reality. This may include accompanied shopping, wardrobe checks, situational decisions among many others.
The objective is to get to the drivers, motivations, preferences of the choices made. Simply put get to the truth


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People use Brand Cell's services because they know we???ll get it right. We???ll listen, we???ll learn, and we???ll carefully control the process to make sure their company is expressing itself appropriately.

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